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We know the power of regular formative assessment to inform our teaching. Take a look at the item-level response data available for questions answered on 10 Minute Quiz...

Data visualisations

Study Design Analysis (2016-2022)

These interactive charts let you explore which areas of the VCAA Mathematics Study Design have been most heavily assessed in recent VCE exams.

Further Methods Specialist

VCE Exam Analysis - Stripe Charts

These charts give a quick visual overview of the question difficulty in each exam paper. Click on a stripe to show exam statistics and a screenshot of the question.

Stripe charts

VCE High Achievers Map

On this map of Victoria, each school is represented by a coloured bubble. The brightness of the bubble represents the proportion of students who achieved 40+ study scores. You can select various VCE subjects and see the names of recent high achieving students.

Bubble map

Exam and Study Score Calculator

We also have a free calculator which estimates the exam scores required to reach your goal study score, and shows how SAC moderation may affect SAC grades for students in your school.



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