Russell Lim

(Developer & Question Writer)

Russell completed his VCE during the era of CATs and TI-82 graphing calculators. He has taught VCE Mathematics since 2010, after spending three years as an analyst at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

10 Minute Quiz was born out of Russell’s enjoyment of mathematics, computer programming and data analysis. Inspired by and, Russell wanted to create a VCE-specific gold mine of high quality questions, clear explanations and rich formative data, helping teachers to make the best use of their time and helping students to achieve their goals for VCE.

Other online projects:
Where does the Normal Distribution get its shape?
Interactive demonstration of the Central Limit Theorem

Zijin (Aaron) Xu

(Question Writer)

Aaron was the dux of Caulfield Grammar School in 2020, achieving a perfect ATAR of 99.95. He is one of the very few students to achieve raw 50 study scores for both Methods and Specialist Mathematics. On top of this, his achievements also include a maximum score for University Extension Mathematics, several prizes in the Australian Mathematics Competition, and a Gold Medal in the 2020 Australian Mathematical Olympiad. He is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, with a Chancellor’s Scholarship, and considering a major in Mathematics and/or Computer Science. Aaron has loved mathematics since he was young, and will no doubt continue to pursue his passion for mathematics for many years to come.

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Haozhe (Jeff) Hu

(Question Writer)

Jeff completed his VCE in 2020 with outstanding results in Methods, Specialist and University Extension Mathematics. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University (Master of Engineering pathway). Jeff has a rare combination of mathematical insight, attention to detail, as well as an ability to break a mathematics problem down step-by-step and explain it to others. Another rare fact about Jeff is that he is one of the only Specialist Mathematics students to play ice hockey at a national level! An academic leader amongst his peers, Jeff volunteered to give weekly “Masterclass” sessions to the Year 11 Maths Methods students, helping others while managing the heavy load of his own Year 12 study.

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Junhua Chen

(Question Writer)

Junhua is a maths and computer enthusiast who completed Maths Methods, Algorithmics, Specialist Maths and University Extension Maths as a part of his VCE, achieving Premier’s awards in Maths Methods and Algorithmics and being the top student in University Extension Maths. Junhua represented Australia in the 2020 International Olympiad in Informatics, and now volunteers in the Australian Informatics Olympiad program, writing tutorials and problems. He is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree at Melbourne University with a Chancellor’s scholarship.