Video introduction

Step 1: Creating your teacher account

Go to the home page and click the “Teacher login / register” icon.

You will be prompted to enter your school email address and your school name.

Step 2 – Add students to your class list

On your first login, by default you will begin at the Further Mathematics page.

You can navigate to Methods / Specialist pages using the top navigation bar.

Select the “My classes” tab.

Enter a list of emails in the text field below the table, then click “Add students to class”.

You may copy and paste emails from a spreadsheet, or from an email you have sent to your class. If the emails contain names, e.g. in the form “Adam Smith <>”, the names will also be added.
You may edit student names if you wish by clicking a cell in the table. Students will also be prompted to enter / check their details when they first log in.

Students will be sent a welcome email with a temporary password. However, this email may take some time to pass through school firewall systems. So the temporary password is also provided on your class list.

It is important to remind students to log in with the same email as the one you have registered (for students that have multiple school email addresses).

Step 3 – Create a quiz

Select the “Create a quiz” tab.

Select the questions for your quiz, which are arranged by Area of Study, Topic and Subtopic.
I suggest starting with a short 1 – 3 question quiz, to give students a chance to get used to the website.

That’s it!

Once students start the quiz, the results will appear under the “Analyse results” tab.

There are more features of the site you can explore later on, and feel free to contact if you have any questions.