This chart relates to the 2016-2022 VCAA Study Design. VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4 contained two "core" areas of study, which all students are assessed on:
  1. Data Analysis
  2. Finance and Recurson

Then students study two out of the following four modules:
  1. Matrices
  2. Networks and Decision Mathematics
  3. Geometry and Measurement
  4. Graphs and Relations

The Core Areas of Study make up 60% of exam questions (Data Analysis 40%, Finance and Recursion 20%). The other 40% of questions assess two modules (20% each). Although the proportion of questions from each Area of Study is fixed, there can be some variation in the number of questions on the specific topics within each Area. Some topics tend to be assessed more frequently than others, and some tend to be more difficult than others!

The size of each sector in the chart below reflects the weight given to each topic in past VCAA exams.
Select your modules using the dropdown box to the bottom right of the chart.
You can also click the "Colour by difficulty" button to see which topics have been the most challenging for students in past years.

Data sources
VCE Further Mathematics Study Design
VCE Further Mathematics Past Examinations and Examination Reports (2017, 2018 and 2019)

  • Topics that have not been assessed in the last 3 years' examinations will not appear in the chart
  • Some study design excerpts have been paraphrased for brevity and clarity.

  • Disclaimer
    This chart has been created independently of VCAA and is not endorsed by VCAA in any way.