On the map below, each bubble represents a school in which at least one student has achieved a study score of 40 or above.

• The size of the bubble represents the total number of Year 12 students at the school.
• The colour of the bubble represents the education sector of the school (Government, Catholic or Independent).
• The brightness of the bubble represents the proportion of students that achieved 40+ study scores.

You can drag and zoom the map to explore different areas. Clicking / tapping a bubble shows statistics for that school. Select a particular VCE subject to see names of high achieving students for each school in the list to the right of the map.

Data sources and methods

The proportion of students who achieved 40+ study scores in that subject is calculated based on the VCE High Achievers data, published by VCAA. Thanks to quppa.net for hosting archives of High Achievers data from previous years.

A limitation of the data is that not all students consent to their name and school being published in the VCE High Achievers dataset. Also, the proportion for each subject is calculated as the the number of 40+ study scores in the High Achievers data divided by the total number of Year 12 VCE students at the school (not the total number of students who took the subject, as this data is not publicly available). The number of Year 12 VCE students in each school has been obtained primarily from the All Schools FTE enrolments data, published by the Victorian Department of Education.